Moboplus Wireless Mini Speaker WS-705

Product Appearance And Functional Specifications:

How it works:

1. Press ON/OFF button, the blue light indicator blinks.
2. Turn on the bluetooth on a smart phone(ios, android,..), or some high end feature phones, search the name "MOBOPLUS" for pairing, some phones need to type "0000" for pairing.
3. The speaker’s blue light indicator blinks slowly if the speaker is paired. The word “paired” will be shown on your smart phone / tablet’s screen.
4. Press ON/OFF button again to turn off.

Battery charging:

1. The speaker beeps if the battery is low.
2. Connect the USB charge cord to computer or 5V power adapter socket for charging. The indicator turns red when charging and goes off when the battery is full.


- Edition: V3.0+EDR
- Support: A2DP
- Playing time: WS705 ~ 3.5 hrs. (Full charged)
- Operating voltage: 5V


1. Please read user guide carefully before use. Use of this item is subject to terms and Conditions by and change without further notice. has the right to make final decision in case of dispute.
2. Pairing failure occurs for some low-end mobile phones which have no stereo sound output. Speaker cannot play music though paired.
3. Please contact us at for enquiry.

In The Box :
-wireless mini speaker
-USB cable