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Q1: The pairing device "MOBOPLUS" cannot be found.
A1: Please check the Bluetooth on the phone is ON and the speaker is within a reasonable range.

Q2: Pairing failure despite "MOBOPLUS" is found.
A2: Delete all "MOBOPLUS" Bluetooth devices and start up again (search and pair).

Q3: Search and Pair failure occurs again.
A3: Reset the speaker by charging it for a minute. Restart the "User Guide" steps again.

Q4: Bluetooth device crashed.
A4: Power off the mobile phone and restart it again.

Q5: Is the wireless mini speaker come with warranty?
A5: The wireless mini speaker WS705 comes with 6 months limited warranty from the date of purchase. Customer is required to provide the original invoice with the date of purchase and the original packaging with the barcode number on the box for warranty. Limited warranty of all the products may apply service charge for examination.

Q6: Any other questions?
A6: Please contact us by